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I am a cosmetologist by education, and I have worked in the make-up and styling industry for seven years now. Usually, I prefer and recommend pursuing minimalism as well as giving esthetic accentuation to one’s natural beauty—of course, photo shoots are an exception. Nevertheless, at every age and in all make-up of the utmost importance is a healthy, feminine, and elegant look—this is why I use only the best cosmetics by well-known brands.

I also perform metamorphoses. Many people do not have the necessary knowledge or simply the time to take care of themselves, and I love seeing women walking out my door with a smile on the face and a twinkle in the eye—after all, each of us deserves to look and feel feminine every day and at any age.

What is more, I cooperate with an experienced photographer and a manicure specialist—therefore, after each metamorphosis, it is possible to take part in a professional photo shoot.

We also offer our services to groups and take care of your appearance prior to a variety of special occasions:

* bachelorette parties,
* birthdays,
* family gatherings,
* dates,
* important business meetings,
* other special events.

Price list:

* special occasion make-up $120
* photo shoot make-up $120
* make-up + eyelashes $130
* business/daily make-up $100
* pinning up/doing hair $30
* manicure $40
* style/color advice $20
* metamorphosis (make-up, hair, style, manicure, advice) $220

In my personal life, I am an active mom promoting a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and healthy nutrition.
Feel free to contact me! or +48 605 739 941

Joanna Marciniak   |   +48 605 739 941